Are Computer Games Costing our Kids their Future?

What if you could re-channel your Child’s enthusiasm for their Favorite games into Educational Self-Improvement?

Imagine… what would the world look like if a significant proportion of the resources, time, creativity, and dedication that is currently consumed by computer games was repurposed into education and self-improvement. Would the world be a better place?

As any gamer will tell you, the earlier stages of the game are vital to success. Miss management of resources in the early stages is devastating. Just try interrupting an experienced gamer in the first few minutes of play and you will learn how devastating it is, and from their response, you will see that they already know the home truth – a good start is critical.

The same is true for a person’s life. Good choices early on will pay dividends for the rest of their life.

Computer games are just virtual work that you don’t get paid for.

Adrian McElligott – Dec 2015

Perhaps this is why parents find it so distressing watching their child being consumed by a computer game. It is hard to stand by while anyone ruins their future, and even more so when it is your own child.

Computer games don’t produce much, but they do produce huge amounts of addictive short-term gratification, and that is where Einstein’s agent comes it, as it uses this addictive force to motivate your child to engage in self-improvement

That’s where Einstein’s Agent can help.

Einstein’s Agent is a utility that regulates the time your child spends playing computer games while encouraging them to engage in educational activities. It runs in the background, monitoring the time spent on games and reminding the kids to do more educational activities when game minutes run low.

Einstein’s Agent automatically detects both gaming and educational activities. A child’s engagement in educational activities such as Mathletics, Khan Academy, and Reading Eggs – to name a few – results in the accumulation of game minutes, while conversely, gaming activity consumes game minutes. Once the game minutes remaining reaches zero, then any games are automatically minimized, interrupting gameplay until more game minutes are earned.

Children learn fastest when they want to learn, and Einstein’s Agent draws on your child’s enthusiasm for the game to power them through learning/gaming cycles.

And it works

We started using it with our own kids in 2015 and not only did it resolve any screen-time issues, but the results were beyond our wildest dreams.

Do something about it.