How does Einstein’s Agent differ from Similar products?

Einstein’s Agent Legacy Apps
Einstein’s Agent involves the child in the process of balancing their computer time. Control by authority, imposing restrictions beyond the influence of the child.
Einstein’s Agent empowers the child and fosters an enduring change in the child’s attitude towards learning. Transfers responsibility to the parent, robbing the child of the opportunity to learn to prioritize their own activities.
Encourages the use of available technology for educational and self development. Reduce child’s access to technology.
Provides the opportunity for Child Initiated Academia – where the learning process is instigated by the child. Provides no learning or self development opportunity.
Einstein’s Agent addresses the addictive gaming gratification cycle by inserting a learning phase into the existing cycle. Attempts to break game addiction by force.  Energy from the gaming gratification cycle is wasted and works against the attempt to break the addition.
Provides the foundation for a good experience for both the parent and the child. Provides the foundation for arguments between the parent and the child.
Child is rewarded for initiative and hard work. Child is a helpless victim of the regime imposed on them.

As a Parent why should I run Einstein’s Agent?

  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It doesn’t require any new technology, – it uses the Educational apps or sites Kids already use.
  • It removes the arguments,
  • It doesn’t have any learning curve,
  • It’s very effective.
  • Kids want to run it because it allows them to earn game minutes.

What Educational Apps or Sites does it work with?

Einstein’s Agent uses keywords in the Title-bar of the active window to determine the nature of the student’s activity. By default, all activities are classified as gaming unless otherwise identified as educational by the presence of educational keywords in the title bar of the active window.

So for example, if the current activity was viewing a youtube video, then it would be classified as gaming unless the title bar of the active window contained an “educational keyword”.